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York Association


Pastor - Rev. David D. Tietje - 2011 - Born and raised in New York State's Southern Tier, David Tietje experienced his first jaunt outside of our nation during the 1976 Bicentennial.  At that time, David was exploring his sense of "God's call" to ministry and mission in his life by spending the summer with a missionary in Colombia, SA.  Since that time David has had three additional international and cross-cultural mission experiences in Haiti, Belgium and Kenya which have served to remind him of God's deep love for all people of the world.  

A graduate of a small "central" school in rural Steuben County (there were 42 in his graduating class!!!); David has always felt comfortable ministering to communities both large and small.  Influenced by his family's strong Christian convictions, following high school, David enrolled in a Christian liberal arts college and then went straight to seminary graduating with his Masters of Divinity in 1985.

Ordained in Lancaster, PA in 1987, David's Christian heritage has deeply shaped him in positive and wonderful ways; yet at times, that same heritage deeply scarred David as he went through separation then divorced, and eventually sought to find his way back into church ministry following a time of healing after his divorce.  This experience of "brokenness" on life journey has caused David to warmly embrace all who come to the church for comfort, strength or faith.  Throughout the past 28 years, David has found great joy in his role of father, always including his children in his journey of ministry and discovery.

One of the greatest blessings for David has been to find a home in the United Church of Christ, where he has been authorized as a Minister of the Word and Sacrament for over 15 years.  First called as Associate Minister of the First Congregational Church United Church of Christ in Bristol, Connecticut, David also served as pastor of Heidelberg United Church of Christ in Germansville, PA.  The rich history and diversity of the UCC has served as a wonderful catalyst for his personal spiritual growth.  David will soon begin his tenth year of ministry at St. John's UCC, Red Lion, a congregation of the United Church of Christ in the German Reformed tradition.

Director of Music - Lee M. Shaull - 2009 - Lee joined the staff of  St. John's in January 2001, and as of December 2019, has celebrated serving this faith community for 19 years.  He is a graduate of Red Lion Area Senior High School and received his post-secondary education at Lebanon Valley College, where he studied organ with Professor Suzanne Riehl.  A member of the York Chapter of the American Guild of Organists (AGO), Lee leads all aspects of the music program at St. John's while playing organ and piano during the weekly and special worship services.

Pre-School Director - Mary Zambito - 2009 - Mary comes to St. John's with a wealth of education and practical experience with children, especially preschoolers.  She has many experiences and has spent most of her teaching career in private or Christian school settings.

Director of Children’s Ministries - Brooke Bensinger

Pre-School Assistant - Robin Detweiler - 2019 - Robin comes to us following many years as an educator in the Red Lion Area School District, most recently at Mazie Gable Elementary School in Red Lion, PA.  Robin is also, a member of St. John's.

Administrative Assistant - Wendy Tompkins

Custodian - Mary Barshinger

Consistory President - Will be elected by the governing body during the January 2020 meeting.

No matter who you are,

or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here.

 St. John’s Church, Red Lion, PA…

  …a congregation of the United Church of Christ